Half​-​closed (demo, 2014)

by Dawnshape



Half a life spent with eyes half closed,
how'd you expect to make it whole
when many aspects tend to expose
the need to redefine your role ?

Everything at your disposal,
that is not how the world revolves.
Some, they have tried to rub your nose
in it and broke their's onto your resolve.

What is left to be seen when I turned away for so long ?
I felt numb but in a safe place, now I feel lost in that dead space.
Found it hard to stay awake with so many lullabies,
so many blows to the head, all those sheeps I counted.

Resist the drift


released February 3, 2015



all rights reserved


Dawnshape Paris, France

Dawnshape is a French entity ran by Antoine Ollivier in long time partnership with bassist Sébastien Hurtel. Their music is a constant tension between pop efficiency and thirst for experimentation, led by Antoine’s simple and sensible vocal melodies through unusual song structures and odd harmonies. ... more

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